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Contraception & Sexual Health

Various types of contraception are available, although we don't do coils and implants at the surgery. Please make an appointment with the nurse or a doctor. All contraceptive advice is completely confidential for all of our patients. Using condoms provides you with protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, eg HIV. These are available free at the surgery and sexual health clinics. 

Emergency Contraception 
Ideally, try to telephone the surgery within 24 hours of unprotected sex. If the surgery is closed please contact: 
  • NHS 111
  • SELDOC 0208 693 9066 
  • Your local chemist 
  • Family planning clinics
  • Sexual health clinics
The emergency pill will work for up to 72 hours after unprotected sex.  It is most effective if taken within 24 hours. After this time we may still be able to help you. Please telephone us. 
Sexual Health 
If you have any worries about your sexual health please see one of the nurses or doctors, who will treat you with respect, sensitivity and confidentiality.