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Minor Ailments

One in five GP visits are for common conditions, such as backache, headache or cough and others that appear on this page. 

For most people, these common conditions are not serious health problems – you just want to know how to relieve it and you want a treatment that acts fast. You also want to know how long you're going to suffer or, what you should do if your symptoms change. The NHS in Lambeth is promoting self-care to support you to look after yourself in a healthy way and you can find out more here on the NHS Lambeth CCG website.

Self-care is about you developing the knoweldge, skills and confidence to manage your health and make good decisions, including when you need to see a doctor. Look at the resources available in this section to find out more about your ailment and make a decision about what you need and whether you need to book an appointment with a GP.