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Certificates and Fit for Work Notes

Any private certificates, private letters or medical reports, employment or pre employment medicals can be provided but a fee will be charged for non - NHS administration and will take approximately 1 week to complete. Our receptionists will be happy to advise you about these charges. 
Medical reports such as insurance reports or those for the DVLA need to be arranged well in advance.
You do not need a certificate to cover days one to 7 of your illness. Self certification forms are available in reception or from the HMRC website (Form SC2).  If your employer insists on a medical certificate, there will be a charge for this, please speak to reception.


The following guidance is taken from the Department of Work and Pensions website https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-work-pensions

General rules of the fit note

People can only be given a fit note if their doctor considers their fitness for work is impaired. If someone is fit for work, they will not be given a fit note.

Doctors cannot issue fit notes during the first seven calendar days of sickness absence. You can self-certify for this time there is a template form available at:


If your employer requires medical evidence for the first seven days of sickness absence, it is their responsibility to arrange and pay for this.

If you have received treatment in hospital and on your discharge you are unable to return to work, your hospital doctor should issue a fit note. You may also receive a yellow Med 10 form stating the time you spent as a hospital inpatient.

The fit note will say how long you will NOT be fit for work, and whether you can expect to return to work undertaking the same duties / hours as before you were unwell once it expires.

The period that the fit note covers

This will either be from the date of the assessment (Box 1), or between particular start and end dates. The dates are inclusive, (so a fit note dated from 2 April to 10 April will no longer apply from 11 April onwards).

IMPORTANT: You can go back to work at any time (including before the end of the fit note) without going back to see your doctor - even if they have indicated that they need to assess you again. This will not breach your Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance, providing they have undertaken a suitable risk assessmentif required.

You do not need to be signed back to work and there is no option on the fit note to do so. If your doctor assesses that you are fit for work, you will not be issued with a fit note.

You should return to work once the fit note expires or you will need a new fit note.